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Dextranase from Paecilomyces Lilacinus: Unveiling the Potential and Applications

NANTONG XINDAO BIOTECH LTD. is a leading wholesale manufacturer, supplier, and factory of Dextranase from Paecilomyces Lilacinus. Our innovative product is designed to efficiently break down dextran, a complex carbohydrate polymer found in various industrial processes and agricultural applications. Dextranase is a crucial enzyme that exhibits exceptional hydrolytic activity, facilitating the degradation of dextran into smaller, more manageable molecules. Our Dextranase from Paecilomyces Lilacinus is derived from natural sources, ensuring high purity and quality. With our state-of-the-art production facilities and rigorous quality control processes, we guarantee a consistent supply of this essential enzyme. The applications of Dextranase are abundant and diverse. It finds extensive use in the food and beverage industry, where it aids in the production of beverages free from gelling or viscosity issues caused by dextran contamination. In the agricultural field, our Dextranase effectively breaks down dextran in sugarcane juice, enhancing sugar extraction and improving overall sugar quality. NANTONG XINDAO BIOTECH LTD. takes pride in offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for dextran-related challenges. With our extensive experience in biotechnology and enzyme production, we are committed to providing exceptional products for various industries. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our high-quality Dextranase from Paecilomyces Lilacinus.

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