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3-Bromothiophene CAS:872-31-1

3-Bromothiophene is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C4H3BrS. It is a derivative of thiophene featuring a bromine atom attached to the carbon atom at position 3. This compound is commonly employed in organic synthesis due to its reactivity and structural properties.


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Application and Effect:

In organic chemistry, 3-Bromothiophene serves as a versatile building block for the synthesis of various compounds. Its bromine substituent enhances its utility as an intermediate in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials. This compound finds extensive use in pharmaceutical research for the creation of new drug candidates and fine chemicals. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the development of materials with specialized properties, including conducting polymers and liquid crystals. The unique reactivity of 3-Bromothiophene enables it to participate in diverse chemical transformations, facilitating the synthesis of complex molecules with tailored functionalities. Its applications extend across multiple industries, highlighting its importance in organic synthesis and material science.

Product Sample:

Amino acid powder1
Amino acid powder2

Product Packing:

Amino acid powder3
Amino acid powder4
Amino acid powder5
Amino acid powder6

Additional Information:

Composition C4H3BrS
Assay 99%
Appearance white powder
CAS No.  872-31-1
Packing Small and bulk
Shelf Life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Certification ISO.


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