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Calcium formate is a white to almost white fine crystalline powder. It can be used an accelerator for the pozzolanic cement pastes. On the one hand, it shortens the initial and final setting times and increases the compressive strength and combined water content as well as gel/space ratio at all ages of hydration.

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Calcium Formate is Hydrophobic additives for construction materials.Formic Acid is used as a potential energy source in the preparation of fuel cells. Also used in chemical synthesis of various anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents.Calcium formate is an organic salt suitable for use in pig and poultry diets. It acts as a feedstock preservative and has an acidifying effect on the gastro-intestinal tract, which promotes good gut-health. The efficiency of pig and poultry feedstock digestion is dependent on the indigenous micro-organism concentration in the gastro-intestinal tract. With the approaching ban on the use of prophylactic antibiotics in animal feed as a means to control disease and promote growth, alternatives are needed to limit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria in the gut which can impair feedstock digestion as well as cause enteric diseases such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Acidifiers such as calcium formate preserve the feedstock before consumption and lower the pH in the gastro-intestinal tract, creating unfavourable conditions for these bacteria to grow.

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Composition C2H2CaO4
Assay 99%
Appearance White powder
CAS No. 544-17-2
Packing 25KG
Shelf Life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Certification ISO.

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