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Application of neocuproine

Neocuproine reagent is a reagent for copper determination, white or yellow-brown crystal, irritating. Mainly used as a reagent for the determination of cuprous, photometric determination of copper, determination of ultra-micro blood sugar; organic synthesis.Neocuproine hydrochloride monohydrate has been used in measuring copper dissolution in Cu–Ni alloys using colorimetric method. It has also been used in preparing complexing agent solution in studying the antioxidant capacity assays in biological samples based on Cu reducing complexes. It may be used as a precursor for the preparation of neocuproine, used as an analytical reagent for the determination of copper in environmental samples using spectrophotometric technique.

Application of Neocuproine1

Yet just such a medicament has very different uses in medicine.Recently, Eribulin has been approved for marketing by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of my country for the treatment of locally recurring or metastatic breast cancer patients who have received at least two chemotherapy regimens (including anthracyclines and taxans) in the past. It has brought a new treatment pattern to the field of breast cancer chemotherapy in China,It also brings more treatment options for patients.

Eribulin is a non-taxane tubulin inhibitor. Unlike taxane and vinblastine tubulin inhibitors, Eribulin has a special mechanism of action, which makes Eribulin It is still effective in patients after drug resistance to yew; Eribulin also has non-cytotoxic effects, including vascular remodeling, increasing the perfusion of other drugs in the tumor microenvironment, synergizing other drugs, and reversing tumor cells The epidermal-mesenchymal transition and so on.

Application of Neocuproine2

From the total synthesis of halichondrin B, the use of new copper reagents as intermediates, to the structural modification of Eribulin, to the industrial production of Eribulin, scientists from academia and pharmaceutical companies have spent more than 20 years of exploration. Natural products derived from the ocean have become drugs that can treat cancer. The research and development of Eribulin is because the new copper reagent is indispensable as the main intermediate of its API. The new copper reagent has a huge role as a pharmaceutical intermediate and a reagent for cleaning high-end instruments.

Application of Neocuproine4

The molecular structure of Eribulin contains 19 chiral centers, and the synthesis steps are as long as 62 steps. Up to now, Eribulin is still regarded by the industry as the most complex non-peptide drug produced by pure chemical synthesis, and it can be called Mount Everest in the chemical synthesis industry.

The successful listing of Eribulin reflects the new heights that pharmaceutical companies can achieve in chemical synthesis and industrial production. It also brings more diagnosis and treatment ideas and options to Chinese clinicians. It is hoped that in future clinical practice, the new chemotherapeutic drug Eribulin can bring new hope to breast cancer patients.

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