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(R)-Benzyl3-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylatehydrochloride CAS:1217831-52-1

(R)-Benzyl 3-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylate hydrochloride is a significant chemical compound widely utilized in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical applications. With a molecular formula of C13H18ClN2O, it belongs to the class of piperazine derivatives, characterized by its stereochemistry and functional groups. This compound is esteemed for its role as a versatile building block in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Its high purity and precise stereochemistry render it indispensable in laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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(R)-Benzyl 3-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylate hydrochloride holds paramount importance in pharmaceutical research and development owing to its diverse applications. As a chiral scaffold, it serves as a crucial intermediate in the synthesis of enantiomerically pure compounds, pivotal for producing chiral drugs with improved efficacy and reduced side effects. Pharmaceutical companies employ this compound in the synthesis of various APIs targeting cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system disorders, and other therapeutic areas. Furthermore, (R)-Benzyl 3-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylate hydrochloride finds utility in the development of agrochemicals and specialty chemicals. Its structural features facilitate functionalization and derivatization, enabling the creation of novel molecules with tailored properties for agricultural and industrial applications. Researchers utilize it in the synthesis of insecticides, herbicides, and specialty chemicals, contributing to pest control and chemical manufacturing processes. In organic synthesis, this compound serves as a versatile building block for constructing complex molecular structures. Its stereochemical purity and reactivity enable efficient synthesis routes to diverse chemical entities, ranging from pharmaceuticals to advanced materials. Organic chemists leverage it in asymmetric synthesis, cascade reactions, and medicinal chemistry endeavors, fostering innovation and discovery in the field. Overall, (R)-Benzyl 3-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylate hydrochloride plays a pivotal role in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical development, driving advancements in drug discovery, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals, and paving the way for future innovations in chemistry and medicine.

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Composition C13H19ClN2O2
Assay 99%
Appearance white powder
CAS No.  1217831-52-1
Packing Small and bulk
Shelf Life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Certification ISO.


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